Leadership Journal

One thing I’ve learned each day… 365 days in a row:

Day 1 – Learning Leadership (Kouzes & Posner)

Write down three areas you would like to improve & list all of the ways you can achieve one of these:

  1. Provide support for colleagues
  2. Build a leadership pipeline
  3. Develop a longer term strategic focus

Focusing on #3 (develop a long term strategic focus

  1. Map out goals, identify workstreams, and establish my definition of success
  2. Devote 30-60 mins each day to thinking strategically and reflecting on my goals
  3. Execute… don’t get weighed down by the enormity of the task at hand

Sounds easier than it is!

Day 1 – out

Day 2 – Learning Leadership (Kouzes & Posner)

The authors map out “The Five Practices” followed by successful leaders:

  1. Model the way
  2. Inspire a shared vision
  3. Challenge the process (look outward to improve and experiment)
  4. Enable others to act
  5. Encourage the heart

“Leadership makes a significant difference in levels of engagement and commitment. Developing your leadership capabilities will help you improve the way you and others feel about your workplace and promote more productive organizations”

Simple but effective…

Day 3 – Learning Leadership (Kouzes & Posner)

“The best education is about bringing our – even liberating – what is already there…”

“it’s hard to lead a Cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” AKA believe in your potential to be a leader

“..first we paint exterior landscapes.  In the second we paint interior landscapes.  In the third we paint ourselves.”

Day 4 – Learning Leadership (Kouzes & Posner)

“The missionaries outperform the mercenaries”

Day 5 – Not really a leadership quote… but food for thought

“Don’t listen to music that reflects your mood… listen to music that reflects the mood you want to be in!”


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